Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hockey Related Items

Let me know if you want any of these items:

VINTAGE N.H.L., EXPOS, B.C. LIONS & other PENANTS -click here and scroll.

Calgary Flames Official NHL Kids Jersey

GOALIE GEAR -Full Set, used
(click photo to see photos etc.)

Plus hockey memorabilia etc!

Best Cash or Trade Offer!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Vintage NHL +Expos + Lions PENANTS

Best cash offer or trade offer, take one, some or take them all. I've had these since my childhood and youth. Yes, that's hockey blood staining my Montreal Canadians penant.

(I will also b trading my hockey cards from the 1970's)

Goalie Gear + For Sale Or Trade!

Helmet ITECH Size 10x12 x 8 1/2 - black

plus Kim Crouch (older) neck collar not seen

Red Goalie Jersey - New

Chest Protectot- Prolite, older large

Pro-Goal med - lrg pant - blue, red + white stripes

plus Cup ITECH mens sm-med? black

Heaton Blocker and Glove med - red/white/blue

Heaton '30 inch pads plus Brians extensions - black

Skates Bauer Supreme 1000 Size 8.5 D, used a doz. or so times

Goalie Sticks x 2 Cujo Bauer Vapor, Sherwood 5030


NSWC Leather Coat #10
(yth lrg /men's sm-med)

Invite me as a guest onto open hockey at the N.S.W.C a time
or few and it's yours!

Vintage NHL + Other sports Penants, Expos + Lions!

I'll list some other things here, pictures will come later.

100's of 1970's + other Hockey Cards

Numerous metal Minor Hockey Pins

Badges and buttons, including numerous NSWC buttons from 80's

Over 100 hockey pucks

Autographed Guy Lafleur photo in glass frame

NHL + CFL Game Programs

Hockey and football trophies

More I'm sure to find...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

One Red Guitar Pick!

If Kyle MacDonald started with one red paperclip and with the support of many fine new friends made online, traded up to a house we can do it too! And for a greater cause than a house for two.

Now what do I have to trade up? Looking around my desk I see One Red Guitar Pick, my favourite one, the only red one I own at present and the one used to help create the song I was inspired to write in honour of "the one red paperclip guy" and the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan. The Red Paperclip Festival is coming up over the August 29th-30th weekend. UPDATE: I was going to have a live acoustic version of the song posted online by then but I just sat down on this Monday August 25th night to practice the song and ended up using one line from that and some lines from another song I wrote to create a whole new song, can you guess what it's called?

I have one red guitar pick, "plectrum" if you speak Dutch, to trade with you or maybe your friend for something bigger and better that you have around or can get your hands on.

Want to help make someone's future brighter? Let's agree to meet to make a trade and help make history?

All you need is something bigger or better than a red guitar pick and the heart to trade it! Email me with the details at

Hope to meet and trade with you soon! Please see this blog post at Model To Mansion, thanks so much for your interest, care and support...

John Stuart Carlisle Hetherington

P.S. I'm going to make a loving line of trade ups until I get something worth enough cash to help cover the costs of adopting a new member into our family and mansion to come. You can see the most current Model To Mansion trade up post here. Yes you can help an orphans dreams come true and spread a little love to others along the way too!

One Red Guitar Pick! Bigger & Better Trade Up began via Craigslist August 23rd, 2008 @ 2:06am PST